Student-Centered Learning Environment

We look forward to training you!

Our passion is Interdisciplinary Student-Centered Learning Environment. 

We offer the following packages for teachers, school leaders, parents, and students, which are divided into 10 different activities.
1. Advanced Teacher Training on Student-Centered Learning Environment. We offer short and long courses, collaborative tutorials, and various workshops.

2. “Top Competency Training” - program in collaboration with training structures in Finland, Belgium, and other EU countries.

3. Education Tourism is part of teacher training. We organize field studies for teachers. Possible to connect to EU mobility programs.

4. Digitization as part of student-centered education. We help with practical knowledge on how to effectively implement digital tools in a student-centered learning environment.

5. Development of interdisciplinary curriculum, which guarantees better results for schools.

6. After-school curriculum activities, extracurricular activities such as robotics, programming, testing video games, media, crime lab, and others.

7. Educational Research as part of LET & Schooling Group VZW various research projects.

8. We organize summer and winter schools for teachers, students, and parents.

9. Consulting, we have 16 years of experience providing development and research solution and sharing our "know-how" about interdisciplinary approaches.

10. The LET & Schooling VZW TV - where we offer a wide range of lessons from math, science, technology and we conduct experiments.