Courses & Projects

Teachers as Co-Learners and Co-Researchers: A Grassroots Model for Professional Development

As co-learners and co-researchers, teachers at LET & Schooling Group VZW get to shape their own professional development in a hands-on, collaborative way.

  • Teachers come together in learning communities to explore topics that interest them, like student motivation or teaching critical thinking. They read research, discuss ideas, and share experiences.

  • Then, teachers team up to design and carry out their own small-scale action research projects in their classrooms. They get to investigate what really works for their students and contexts.

  • Throughout the process, teachers support each other through feedback and brainstorming. They build close-knit networks where they feel comfortable taking risks and voicing concerns.

  • The grassroots model empowers teachers to take control of their own learning. Instead of passively receiving information in traditional sit-and-get workshops, teachers are actively engaged and energized.

  • Success is defined by teachers themselves, based on what they discover and accomplish together. Teachers end up with practical strategies and a renewed passion for their work.

  • The ripple effects spread as teachers bring their learning back to their schools and students. Sparks of innovation and pockets of progress are ignited in a ground-up way.

This cheerful, teacher-centered approach to professional development is truly transformative. Teachers at LET & Schooling Group VZW are empowered as change agents in a collaborative community of practice. What could be more rewarding and rejuvenating than that?

Investigative Learning Environment: Fostering Teacher Agency, Autonomy and Professional Growth

An investigative learning environment fosters teacher agency, autonomy, and professional growth. LET & Schooling Group VZW understand that for teachers to facilitate this in their classrooms, they must first experience it themselves.

Freedom to Explore

During workshops and coaching sessions, teachers are given ample opportunities to follow their interests and passions. Rather than a set curriculum, the focus is on equipping teachers with the skills and mindsets to guide their own learning journeys. You have the liberty to delve into topics that excite you and apply new techniques at your own pace.

  • Discuss ideas openly without judgment

  • Collaborate with colleagues on projects you care about

  • Set your own goals and learning outcomes

A Supportive Community

Teachers in the program bond over their shared mission of putting students first. You'll find a network of like-minded educators eager to offer encouragement and help you troubleshoot challenges. LET & Schooling Group VZW also provide mentorship and coaching to help teachers achieve their full potential.

  • Share knowledge and best practices

  • Give and receive constructive feedback

  • Cheer each other on through the ups and downs of teaching

Continuous Growth

The learning never stops. LET & Schooling Group VZW frequently offer free webinars, workshops, and other events to expand your skills and expose you to new concepts. You're consistently challenged to question assumptions, reflect on your practice, and make improvements to better serve your students. Over time, you may find yourself becoming a mentor for others.

Teaching is a lifelong journey, and LET & Schooling Group VZW provides a supportive community and resources for you to keep learning and growing at every stage of your career. Take advantage of all the program has to offer—you'll be glad you did, and so will your students!


So, get inspired and get moving! You have the power to transform education in your own classroom and school. Don't wait for top-down initiatives or policy changes, start building the school you want to see from the ground up. Connect with like-minded educators, learn from each other, share ideas and experiences. LET & Schooling Group VZW have shown what is possible when teachers take control of their own professional learning. You can do the same. Start small, build relationships, ask big questions, take risks, reflect and improve. Unleash your creativity and passion. Your students will thank you for it. Education needs humanistic, investigative, and empowered teachers. Be one of them!