The Concept of a Global Open Classroom

The idea of a Global Open Classroom signifies a new practice of teaching and learning unraveled by the continuous advances in technology and the increasing globalization of the world. It is indicated that students in a GlobalOpen Classroom use digital technology to explore the world at their own pace as well as communicate with their fellow students and teachers wherever they may be.

Notwithstanding the students' use of technology, a global classroom is described as a place with a humanistic environment. This is a place that is student-centered and in which the teacher provides opportunities for students to develop understanding by themselves. It is mentioned that there is a contrast between a global open classroom and a traditional classroom.

In a global open classroom learning becomes alive and students are more enthusiastic. The students collaborate in a global open classroom and also carry out real-world investigations. In a global open classroom, the teacher sets the environment for collaborative work and hands-on exploration. A global open classroom helps students to develop and improve technological knowledge and skills which will be essential to them in years to come.

The goals of a global open classroom are to create a global experiential and interdisciplinary collaborative environment and to support global competencies. The concept embraces, among other things, a humanistic learning environment, an investigative approach to learning, and a system that supports collaborative and cooperative learning and interdisciplinary topics.

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