Reimagining Professional Development: LET & Schooling Group VZW’s Humanistic and Investigative Approach


You’re a teacher who wants to reignite your passion for learning and teaching. You crave professional development that fuels creativity, curiosity, and deep thinking. Look no further – LET & Schooling Group VZW has designed a transformative grassroots program to help teachers rediscover the joy of learning through humanistic and investigative approaches.

For the past 20 years, LET & Schooling Group VZW has pioneered a movement to transform education. We have built a network of schools that implement humanistic and investigative learning, focusing on students’ natural curiosity and desire to learn. LET & Schooling Group VZW is bringing its experiential learning model to teachers through an innovative professional development program.

In this journey, you’ll join a cohort of teachers to explore what really matters in education. You’ll engage in deep reflective practices, learn from mentors, and design learning experiences that spark students’ innate passion for discovery. By the end, you’ll have reignited your own love of learning and be equipped with practical strategies to spread the light of humanistic and investigative education in your school. The future of education starts here. Are you ready to join the movement?

Distributed and Non-Affirmative Educational Structure: The Foundation of LET & Schooling Group VZW's Approach

You're in for an exciting learning experience with LET & Schooling Group VZW's humanistic and investigative approach! Their grassroots professional development program is built on a distributed and non-affirmative educational structure.

  • No top-down mandates here. Teachers shape their own learning journey based on their interests and questions. You get to follow your passions and curiosities, not a prescribed curriculum.

  • Say goodbye to lecturing and affirmative instruction. LET & Schooling Group VZW employs a non-affirmative stance, facilitating open-ended discussions and debates where multiple perspectives are explored. Your voice and experience are valued, not just the "expert opinion."

  • Collaboration is key. Small groups of teachers come together in "spaces for joint work" to discuss challenges, share ideas, and find creative solutions. You'll build a network of like-minded educators eager to support each other.

  • Practical application is the goal. The focus is on improving your actual teaching practice through experimentation, reflection, and adaptation. You'll develop hands-on strategies and techniques tailored to your students' needs.

With LET & Schooling Group VZW, professional development is reimagined as a joyful, empowering, and transformative experience for teachers. You'll gain fresh inspiration and confidence in a model that puts educators at the center of learning. Now that's something to get excited about!