Sponsor or Organization Funds for EU citizens

Study trips are always interesting and learning-rich activities. We have three countries as a destination: FINLAND, ESTONIA, and NORWAY.

In Finland, we have three different regions as visit destinations - Borgå and Sibbo region (three schools, all levels), the Pargas region (Educational Centre), and the Pedersöre region (three schools, all levels).

In Estonia, we have two schools as visit destinations (Tallinn and Tartu). Norway giving to us the possibility to visit two schools in Oslo.

Our study trip program contains three workshops with the main goal to introduce the educational systems of the visiting country, meeting with colleagues, visiting the schools, and following lessons (be prepared to be involved in lessons activities). Of course, we have a cultural program that informs you about the history, traditions, and traditional cuisine of the visiting country.

If you hold a membership subscription then you get a 20% discount on study trip fee.