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1. The long-term goal of LET & Schooling Group VZW is to meet the needs of the educational structures for continuous learning in a multifaceted way and to create preparedness for sustainable development.
With continuous learning, LET & Schooling Group VZW refers to all learning with the aim of developing knowledge and skills in education, work, private and social life. Continuous learning takes place not only in the context of formal education but also in professional life, in everyday life, and in leisure.

2. Strengthen key digital, multilingual, mathematical, and scientific competencies.
The European Commission has identified key competencies needed to promote employability, social inclusion, active citizenship, and self-realization among EU citizens. These include digital, multilingual, mathematical, and scientific core competencies. LET & Schooling Group VZW wants to contribute to strengthening these competencies in their own field.

Key digital competencies relate to the ability to make secure and critical use of information society technologies in professional life, leisure, and for various communication purposes.
Multilingualism refers to the ability to communicate in a number of languages ​​in different contexts and to understand contexts, contributing to openness to international cooperation and a willingness to work internationally.
Important mathematical competencies refer to the ability to think mathematically and logically and to develop and apply mathematical insights to solve a number of problems in everyday situations.
Scientific core competencies relate to the ability to explain various phenomena in nature, the local environment, and society using scientific methods and scientific information.

3. Identify new, innovative forms of cooperation between higher education institutions and different sectors of society to promote learning at all stages of life.

4. Create equal access to innovative multimedia learning environments.
A multimedia learning environment refers to the physical, social and educational environment in which learning takes place using different media. LET & Schooling Group VZW wants to promote innovative learning and accessible, dynamic, and inspiring learning environments that can be adapted as needed. At a time when there is an increasing emphasis on continuous learning, the need for such learning environments and equal access to them is increasing.

5. Raising awareness and promoting sustainability.
Due to its multidisciplinary activities and broad contact areas, LET & Schooling Group VZW is able to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by integrating sustainability aspects into all activities, including daily routines. LET & Schooling Group VZW promotes:
social sustainability, including building a long-term stable and dynamic society in which basic human needs are met.
environmental sustainability, based on the idea that the production of goods and services should not exceed the carrying capacity of ecosystems.
sustainable management of human and material resources in the long term.

6. Expanding EU cooperation in the field of pedagogy.

7. Expand global pedagogical cooperation.

8. Creating conditions for the development of healthy, educated, cultural, ethical, competitive, and happy people based on innovative interdisciplinary general education. The graduates must become citizens of the world while recognizing and respecting the culture of their home country.

9. Creating the best conditions/environment for teachers to promote their creative work and self-development.

10. Create conditions for involving school, community, and parents in the process of lifelong learning.