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LET Global Open Classroom - project

LET & Schooling Group VZW started an educational project with Yatima Heart to Heart in Iringa, Tanzania. The project's leader is Ph.D. program researcher Sharmen Rahmani. Within the project, LET & Schooling Group VZW will contribute to teacher training and implementation of the HIIO – Learning Environment model, such as the development of the curriculum for children's needs in Mafinga.

LET Global Open Classroom

We live in this exciting time as the world is changing rapidly and many opportunities are constantly emerging. Modern technology can provide different experiences directly to your students. There are many sources of information for learning. Through LET Global Open Classroom, we will give the student a chance to interact directly with the learning resources far beyond the classroom. It also builds new dimensional teaching methodologies for teachers.


Are you curious about how LET Global Open Classroom works?

  •  Global Open Classroom is seen as a teaching and research project. The goal is to create common and transferable parts of the curriculum joint resources for implementation in different teaching contexts. To create such a curriculum, LET & Schooling Groups use an interdisciplinary approach.
  • LET Global Open Classroom is a project primarily for primary school teachers and students.
  • There are four steps to this project.


Step 1.  Preparation. During this stage, we will create a group of teachers, train them, and prepare the common interdisciplinary curriculum for implementation. This will be done through online meetings, brainstorming, and continuing education seminars in Tanzania and in Europe. The outcome of this step is Team formation.

Step 2.  Scheduling implementation and testing of technical support.

Step 3.  Implementation of a common interdisciplinary curriculum.

Step 4.  Reflections and feedback. Preparation for common conclusion on the task accomplished.


With the LET Global Open Classroom project, we will help our students, not depending on our locations, to understand the learning topics defined together and provide them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to make a positive contribution to their educational future.


LET & Schooling Group VZW's next project will begin with the first phase in January 2023.